Interview de Kelpe : la claque au Clacson
Samedi 26 mars au Clacson (Oullins)


Premier de la classe en IDM (Intelligent Dance Music), Kel McKeown, aka Kelpe, nous en a livré une belle leçon samedi dernier au Clacson. Comme on voulait en savoir plus, on a posé une poignée de question au producteur du trip-hop/electronica Cambio Wechsel, le dernier maxi de l’anglais, sorti en 2009.

LMC: So you’re both from England ?
Kel and Chris : Yeh, we both live in similar area of East London, more precisely in Hackney.


LMC : You’ve grown up there ?
Kel: No, I moved in 1989, I was in Leicester before, in the middle of England.

LMC : What about studies, did you go to University ?
Kel : After school I went to University and did a media course, so I did a little bit of sound, a little bit of music, film-making and audio production in general.


LMC : We’ve seen your influences in electronic music artists like Steve Reich and many more, what about the bands, can you tell us names ?
Kel : Can, Kraftwerk, Neu! and other artists from Krautrock, but then also much more recent stuff like Aphex Twin and Zombie Zombie. I also listen to american stuff like Push Button Objects.

LMC : So you released « People Are Trying To Sleep » in 2003, was it a reference to the neighborhood when you were making music ?
Kel : (laughs) Yeh, I actually had complaints from my neighbours when was making this album !

LMC : If the radioactive cloud would demagnetise all the CD of your collection, which one would you save ?
Kel : Okay, then it would be Prefuse 73 – One Word Extinguisher. Actually, I lost the album, and then i found it back so I played it over and over. Great influence for me.


LMC : We feel jazz influence in your music, prog aswell ?

Kel : I listen to different prog stuff. Jazz, I do, but I don’t know much about it, but Miles Davis is fine !

LMC : What instruments do you play ?

Chris : I play drums and a little bit of piano
Kel : I’m not really really good at one instrument in particular, but I can play many instruments a little bit, guitar, bass guitar, drums, keys, clarinette.

LMC : A musical encounter you wish ?
Kel : Chris, my drummer !


LMC : Is it the first time you come to Lyon ?
Kel : Been twice in lyon, last year played in Transbordeur, Riddim Collision, and an other small gig. I play everytime live with Chris.

LMC : Have you ever made music for movies ?
Kel : I’ve done a little for a ten minutes film, and actually I’ve done a lot of really short things. For TV trailers for example, 1 minute or 40 sec, and I enjoyed it. I have really wanted to make film soundtrack. After I did that short film, I realised how hard it would be, actually, just doing short films, i mean 12 minutes. Because for this time I worked with a friend, so it was okay, but for an hour and a half, you have to change it a lot during doing it and it would be much harder.

LMC : The last silly question, do you prefer salt or sweet pop-corn ?
Chris and Kel: Sweet !